Avast fez-la em grande!!

Se usa como Antivírus o popular Avast! CUIDADO!

A última correcção trouxe um erro! Não re-inicie o computador, sem pelo menos antes, seguir as indicações no fórum da Avast!

Vários programas, e até mesmo componentes do M$Windows estão a ser assinalados como tendo um vírus “Win32:Delf-MZG (Trj)”

The recent avast! VPS update has a serious flaw inside it, various files are being marked as “Win32:Delf-MZG (Trj)”. Some of the common files being marked as this false positive include Skype and Spybot S&D.

Apart from marking various files as this virus, the new update brought a crippling threat to the windows operating system. Accounts are vague but some are reporting that the new update may hinder the windows operating system’s boot.If you have updated avast during the last 48 hours do not restart your computer!This is caused by avast scanning the starting files, during this process it will mark a file as hazardous and will not allow you proceed without aknowledgement, being that this is happening during the time in which windows loads there is no possable way to give aknowledgement to the program therefore putting the computer at a standstill.

Possable workarounds

1. Besure to determine if your avast has been updated by finding your Spybot S&D folder and scaning the updater.

2. Asuming that it detects it as the false positive, open up msconfig and uncheck avast scripts in the services tab and the startup tab.

2.1 Going to the avast settings (Right click on icon 4th down) then going to the trouble shooting tab.Finally check the second box”Delay of loading of avast” may also work

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